Week Two – Oil Slick

Welcome back to the 2022 Grey Bruce Children’s Water Festival! Thank you for joining us for our second week!

We hope you enjoyed the previous lesson ‘Water Cycle Madness’ where we learned about the continuous movement of water molecules. If you missed that lesson, you can go back and find it here:

One drop of oil pollutes 25L of water, which means it is no longer safe for people to drink and can hurt animals and plants. Oil is very toxic and can kill plants, birds, fish, insects and all types of animals when it poisons their habitats.

Watch the Oil Slick video below:

Complete the Oil Spill Activity with your class! Download the sheet below:

Download the student worksheet below:

Play our Kahoot game to test your knowledge! You will be playing against other classes for a chance to win a prize!

Weekly Challenge – This week, we challenge your class to help keep the environment clean and tackle pollution. Go outside and pick up litter! Take some photos and Email us or tag us on social media for a chance to win a prize!

Joke of the Week – What happens when you get water on a table? It becomes a pool table!