Week Three – Keeping it Clean

Welcome back to the 2022 Grey Bruce Children’s Water Festival! Thank you for joining us for our third week!

We hope you enjoyed the previous lesson ‘Oil Slick’ where we learned how important water protection is! If you missed that lesson you can go back and find it here:

Human actions in both rural and urban areas can have an effect on a variety of habitats. While it is easy to think of industry and agriculture as pollution sources, what each of us do in our own backyard can affect the environment and pollute our water as well.

Start your lesson by watching the Keeping it Clean video below:

Try out the Keeping It Clean Activity, by building a filter and trying to clean dirty water. Download the instructions below!

Put litter in its place! Download the activity sheet below to complete with your class.

Play our Kahoot game to test your knowledge! You will be playing against other classes for a chance to win a weekly prize!

Weekly Challenge – This week, we challenge your class to take some photos of your Keeping it Clean activity and post them to social media and tag us, or email it to us ([email protected]) . All entries will be entered into a draw for a weekly prize.

 Email us or tag us on social media for a chance to win a prize!

Joke of the Week – Where do fish keep their money? In a river bank.